Jorge Zuñiga Blanco provides insight into digital marketing trends coming in 2023

2021 and 2022 have been years of growth for many new marketing trends. Trends such as the rise of content, video marketing and the importance of privacy have undoubtedly been the engines that have generated important changes in the sector. In addition, these new trends have impacted the way in which brands and companies from all sectors apply digital marketing and advertising strategies to reach their target audience. More is coming in 2023 and Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, an entrepreneur and marketing expert, explains some of the trends coming in the new year.

In terms of advertising investment, many countries have already recovered from the investment levels of 2019, but some are facing a slower recovery. Despite the fact that 50% of marketing professionals consider that the first half of 2022 has been better than expected, expectations extend toward 2023.

For its part, a relevant fact is that advertising investment in online media has been consolidated after significant growth in 2020. 50% of companies are investing more than 40% of their budget in advertising in digital media and formats, a trend that will continue to increase by 2023.

Marketing agencies focused in recent years on ultra-specialization. This has caused many companies to manage their marketing with a pool of agencies that sometimes becomes unmanageable and makes strategic alignment complicated. For this reason, companies are forced to manage four or five different agencies, which leads to a model that usually ends in chaos.

That is why in 2023 and the coming years, the marketing agency that works as the only 360° agency, with services that cover the areas of marketing and communication that brands require, will be the one that will be able to face this market, both economically and strategically. 360º marketing covers a high range of services, such as traditional marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing, website optimization, among others.

“It is no secret that the marketing sector in the last two years has been conditioned by the end of the pandemic and more recently by the conflict in Ukraine,” explains Zuñiga. “When it comes to companies’ advertising investment, one of the main fears of many sectors is inflation, which can curb the consumption of non-essential products.”

This is because the increase in the prices of essential products reduces the purchasing power of customers, and this directly affects sales. In this context, all disciplines that offer a shorter-term ROI gain weight with respect to medium- and long-term actions. Some metrics that are used in the context of performance marketing include CPM, CPC, CPA and others.

The human-centric approach in marketing seeks to connect with the people behind that figure of the consumer, putting their needs at the center of everything and designing strategies that allow creating more empathetic links with the audience.

This approach has been gaining weight during 2022. In 2023, it will become even more important as more marketers begin to implement human-centric strategies.

For the marketing sector, companies and also agencies must build a connection with their customers based on their most human side, ceasing to treat them as another sales figure and transmitting a message in line with their needs and with the values of the brand.

With omnichannel marketing, the border between digital and offline is increasingly blurred. Of course, there are online channels and offline channels, but the relevant thing is not so much the type of channel, but the strategy that unifies all those actions from a single sense.

Already in the years before the pandemic, we had been observing a shift towards an increasingly omnichannel consumer and user that, as we mentioned, blurs the boundaries between offline and online.

Concludes Zuñiga, “What the pandemic has come to do is accelerate that change. This has forced brands, media and agencies to have much more interdisciplinary teams. That is, teams that combine not only professionals specialized in all areas of marketing, but also professionals from other disciplines, such as technology.”

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Jorge Zuñiga B