Jorge Zuñiga Blanco offers business trends expected to be seen in 2022

It is important to set goals for your leadership abilities to make them more effective. However, it is also crucial to keep up to date with trends that will impact the entire business. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco is an entrepreneur and business expert from Costa Rica, and discusses the expected business trends in 2020.

Although the many highlights of Bitcoin and blockchain will not be as evident as they were at the beginning of 2018, they have set off a trend that is difficult to ignore. Consumers are looking for flexible money-related models or payment strategies.

Security and speed are important aspects of this puzzle. The ABA Banking Journal predicts that contactless card portions will become a large portion of physical transactions. Customers being able to swipe or tap a card at a terminal to process a purchase is a great way to go about electronic shopping.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which was first introduced to the business world in 2018, saw chatbots and remote partners make their presence felt in many organizations in all of 2019. They became more popular in 2020 and 2021, and will continue to improve customer experience or streamline business operations this year.

All of them could have a significant impact on your core concern as AI becomes more acceptable to customers. Clarifies Zuñiga, “AI chatbots are now able to manage more client support capacities than ever before in recent history. They provide a personalized experience that is neither cumbersome nor moderate and gives buyers a more positive experience. This is transforming eCommerce in ways that are unlike any other and driving sales beyond all expectations.”

Customers today demand prompt service, and this can be found in transport and distribution. Elements that deliver free of charge and provide same-day or 24-hour delivery are the best. Zuñiga adds, “A few studies have shown that up to 60% of foundation customers will choose their foundation based on delivery and transport options. A faster shipping process can make the difference between progress and disappointment.”

Over 75 million Americans have heard of the “gig economy.” The world we live in has made it easier for people to start their own unique businesses. These are just a few examples of remote work that have prompted a significant increase in remote work. According to Gallup, 43% of employees work remotely. While the gig economy won’t have had much impact on your industry, it’s clear that there will be an ongoing impact on the workplace’s moving needs.

This is because workers place more emphasis on having a flexible workplace to allow them more time for leisure. Although remote work can be modified to improve agent support, it should still be managed well to maintain reasonable productivity. Zuñiga explains that finding the right balance for reaching versatility and great results will be crucial as associations try to protect their best and most outstanding from being swept into the gig economy.

Retail is constantly changing, and it’s important to understand the steps required for business success. These examples will help you distinguish between a business that barely gets by and one that achieves important outcomes.

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