Jorge Zuñiga Blanco how to make a successful social media marketing plan



Nowadays, any business cannot be successful without a presence on social networks. This is because they are platforms with millions of users where a direct channel is established with the consumer. Therefore, it is a priority to try to place a product or service and at the same time receive feedback firsthand, without intermediaries between both parties. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, a successful entrepreneur and marketing expert, explains how to make this possible.

Especially when you are starting, few resources are available, and the budget is as tight as ever. A traditional marketing strategy can bring together a large part of the public money. Still, the advantage of social media marketing is that it is much more affordable and equally, if not more, effective. But, of course, it requires much more time, although you can always go to management programs or external agents who know the field of work.

No major campaign is successful without a good strategy behind it. Knowing how to connect with the audience and knowing precisely who it is is necessary. Explains Zuñiga, “It is essential to define a niche market and which platforms are the most conducive to establishing the communication channel.”

Once the profile that the future customers of the company will have has been determined, it is essential to consider solutions to the problems they have in their day-to-day lives. In addition, it is necessary to communicate three key messages that define the values of the company and that are associated with customers and their problems.

Keep all channels coordinated. Maintaining each platform as a separate track will limit the success you can have. Everything must be working together to achieve the objectives. That is why it is essential to have a website or a blog that shows the essence of the company. The address must always be included on social networks so that the audience can have it at hand at all times and can consult it.

The information that appears on each network must always be the same unless there are slight differences between the visitors of each one. It is not acceptable for a segment to know about a specific promotion that you offer and for others to be in the dark. You have to treat everyone equally.

Working on social networks requires a lot of time, and at the end of the day, you can be totally exhausted. At first, it is better to start with a reasonably small workload to get used to the action and gradually increase it. That is why the use of more than three platforms at a time should never be exercised.

Always stay focused and put aside possible distractions. One must make the most of that original shortage of time to get the most out of it and for the business to start to thrive on the network.

Respond to feedback. This is one of the strengths of these communication channels since you can get instant feedback from the audience and customers. Whether for better or for worse, you must always take it into account and respond as politely as possible, objectively. It is no use to engage in a damaging discussion that will be in view of the rest of the people, deteriorating the image of the company.

It is also essential to interact by sharing quality content from other sources or influential people so that the site looks fresh. Try to develop and nurture a community and be eager to create bonds with others.

It is essential to have a daily plan so as not to improvise and make sure everything does not go wrong. States Zuñiga, “You also have to leave a little space in case of some tasks take longer than expected. Otherwise, everything will collapse, and there will be something to be done. The work should not change in the first few weeks, and it is better not to escape that routine. Later on, there will be time for the necessary flexibility.”

Increase results with advertising. It is worth opting for advertising options when you want to increase the social media marketing process. They offer numerous possibilities to adapt as well as to get to what you are looking for. In addition, there are automatic managers to find the best plan according to the budget you manage.

Analyze the results. Once all the steps have been taken and the campaign has been launched, it is best to measure and see how it works. Write down both the weak points and the strong ones. In this way, it is good to enhance those tactics that have results and discard those that do not bear fruit. Most platforms have statistics displayed to be able to have more detailed information and thus be able to analyze everything correctly.

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