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Jorge Zuñiga Blanco explains why innovation and technology are key to digital marketing

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One of the great assets of a company is its differential value, which gives it a strong and sustainable competitive advantage over its competition. The development of a competitive advantage is what will help achieve the business objectives and positioning of the brand in a sector. That is why we must take advantage of the growth levers offered by innovation, both within the business model, product, processes and within the marketing area. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, an entrepreneur and marketing expert from Costa Rica, explains how innovation and technology are key to creating a better digital marketing strategy.

Marketing innovation is what makes a company stand out from the rest. It is what will allow for disruption in the face the competition. According to Zuniga: “We must be aware of how important it is to innovate in digital marketing. This will enable us to provide a brand experience that connects with new markets and encourages the creation of a memorable corporate image.”

While it is essential for companies’ survival, establishing a marketing research and development policy is difficult. Being labelled “innovation” means being vulnerable to a variety of changes, driven by digital transformation. This makes it difficult to stay at the forefront.

Digital marketing cannot be understood if it isn’t innovative. The methods of interaction with the target audience, and customers, had already changed before the pandemic. The health crisis has accelerated this change: 70% of organisations increased their presence on social media, 55% changed their digital platforms, and 50% increased the realization or virtual events.

One, there are five conditions that can lead to a company’s innovation performance. These are: the optimal management and integration of internal knowledge; the creation of synergies between internal and external knowledge; the ability to absorb information; and finally, the receipt of public aid.

There are seven key patterns that can help you achieve high levels in innovation performance. These include the management of human resources, government support for R&D policies (public and private), and having a competitive business environment.

The greatest resource to encourage innovation within a company is its employees. This is especially true if you want to increase investment in human resources and transform internal knowledge. Inter-company relationships are crucial for companies. They must be able establish professional relationships and acquire specialized knowledge with agents in the supply chain. Government institutions are also vital. They should be the primary ally for innovation in local businesses.

Google is making it increasingly difficult to appear in the SERPS. On the one hand, organizations have become more attentive to SEO and on the other Google aims to occupy all the interests of people and be the one that gives the best option to the user.

So, being aware of the news of Google’s algorithm is going to be your focus always. Google seeks to offer more accurate content, more defined to the search demands of each person. Therefore, now you will have to focus on the customer and then on doing SEO

Being aware of the latest developments and keeping in practice those that best fit the requirements of your customers, will make your company can continue in the world of effective digital marketing strategy.

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