Jorge Zuñiga Blanco explains what all startups need to know about making financial decisions

Great money decisions mean making the smart choices. As a mature adult, this is what you should do. It is not enough to be able to live paycheck-to-paycheck within the business world. Your business’s financial decisions can have a significant impact on your income and your ability to make the right financial decisions. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, a business and financial expert from Costa Rica, shares his insights on the crucial financial decisions entrepreneurs need to make.

Private companies that fail within the first year often have difficulty settling on money-related decisions. It is important to know how much money your company will need to stay afloat. Online advisors don’t require a lot of money, as their out-of-pocket expenses are minimal. You will need enough money to buy stock, lease, and staff if you have a boutique that sells mid-sized clothing.

The net consume rate is how much cash you have left after subtracting expenses and sales. Your net consume rate is $50,000 if you have $70,000 in sales and $20,000 in expenses. Next, determine how much cash your company will use over the next 12-15 months. If you’re a startup, this should be part of your field-tested strategy.

Take into account the current stage of your business. For a startup to succeed, it will need different funding requirements than for an established business. It is possible to raise additional money in days, weeks, or months.

These calculations will give you an estimate of the amount of money that is required. Next, determine where the money will come from. Zuñiga states, “Ideally, your company develops naturally and creates its own wealth as the business grows.” Small dogs can be nestled with just a click of your fingers. If your current funds aren’t enough or your business isn’t growing naturally, you should look into other options.

You have the option to get a standard loan from your bank, cash for home or credit extension from your bank. Because you are an entrepreneur, there is a high chance that you will be turned down. Asking family members and financial professionals for their advice is a better choice. GoFundMe is helping many entrepreneurs succeed.

You may want to hire more people as your business grows beyond the capabilities of you and a few employees. An increased staff means more money and better management. It will take more time to decide if the additional weight is worth it. Del Vecchio states that many positions can be outsourced. This will help you save money. It’s easy to bring back the positions in-house if the opportunity presents itself.

This is like believing your business will grow if you don’t spend money on marketing or sales. Zuñiga explains, “When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to spend money on marketing because you don’t have the cash to grow your business.” If you don’t demonstrate your organization, you will have trouble with money. Marketing should be considered at 10% to 15%. It may seem like a lot, but it will help your business grow.

You may spend every penny you earn in any situation. It’s difficult to avoid spending. You should save the extra cash if you have a good month. You should save some money for the future. You might find yourself in situations that you didn’t anticipate. It is possible that your roof needs to be fixed, a gear is damaged, or you are being sued. All of these are possible.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires sound judgment. There are many options to minimize risks and ensure your business succeeds. A good understanding of finances is key to your business’ success.

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