Jorge Zuñiga Blanco explains the benefits of social media in marketing

Do you have social networks for your business, but you don’t know very well what the benefits they offer you? Do you not know that social networks are a valuable tool for your business? Is it essential to have social networks for your company? If you are still not very clear about the answer to these questions, this post interests you. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, an entrepreneur and marketing expert from Costa Rica, explains how to get the most out of social media in marketing. 

Social media has become an essential part of the marketing of any digital strategy. The primary digital marketing funnel consists of 4 parts, attraction, nurturing or maturation, loyalty, and recommendation or virilization.

At the top of the funnel, the attraction part is about capturing people’s attention to our brand. The middle part of the sales funnel focuses on the maturation of those potential customers, the nurturing phase, in which, thanks to our content, we will gain credibility in the face of these potential customers so that they end up making the purchase or the desired process. We position ourselves as experts in the field.

Depending on your strategy, your goal will vary. Explains Zuñiga, “After the complete purchase process, you must continue to offer content to your customers to turn a single customer into a recurring customer and also to recommend your product or service to others or share your content.”

 All phases of the funnel are equally important when it comes to growing your online business. In addition, it is recommended that you work on your social networks to cover all these phases of the funnel and improve your results.

The community around your brand is increasingly important in your digital marketing and social media strategy. This community is the backbone of your digital system, as they are existing customers or potential customers interested in your brand and your product. You must try to create the best relationship with them, and if you do, you will also make your brand more prominent.

You will get to know more people, and you will find more potential customers to sell your product or service. Therefore, getting greater reach and visibility with your publications. This is essential for an excellent social media strategy.

There are two ways to brand your social media campaign, organic content and paid content. Make it easier for them to know you, to know that you exist, build trust and get more people to identify with what you offer.

Social media is a beneficial means to communicate about our news, our product or service, the brand, upcoming events, promotions and offers, and everything you want to convey to your audience. Also, it is instrumental in showing the benefits of your product or service, how a product works, or any information related to the product and brand.

It is very convenient for your community to communicate with you in this way. The fact that we spend more and more time on the Internet is a fact, and a large part of it is allocated to social networks. It is essential that you respond as soon as possible and do not stop responding to all the messages you receive. Avoid trolls if possible so as not to give them notoriety, and avoid deleting messages that do not interest you so as not to look like your company censors.

Apart from the customer service that we have just discussed, your community needs you to offer information that it considers valuable to remain part of it. Do not stop working on your content; look for ways to communicate new things or even concepts already published but give them a different touch so as not to get bored.

You can offer valuable information about what your customers have already bought, or improvements in use, tips, news, the launch of new products or services, etc. It is exciting to offer real testimonials from customers satisfied with your product or service to generate virality and greater trust in your community.

You can also make some more participatory publications, such as sweepstakes for members of your community, prizes, discounts, or some other strategy to thank their trust. Adds Zuñiga, “Your audience likes to feel part of your community. Let them know that you value their participation and pay attention to them. This relationship generates trust.”

Know their opinions, ratings, and complaints, and learn from their views about your product and your brand to improve. You can take surveys and ask for ideas on a specific topic. You can also know their opinion, for example, about the use of a product. Has it become clear to them what it is and what it is for? Have you met all their expectations? Community members usually answer these types of questions very well.

The Internet and social networks are the best catalogs of information on any topic, making them a perfect tool to get inspired. Look for new trends and adapt your communications so that it doesn’t look outdated. These seven benefits of social networks for companies are distributed throughout the sales funnel, so a good strategy must be planned to cover each and every phase as much as possible.

In addition, all these benefits are applicable to any platform, no matter if it is Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other network. The question is to know how to adapt the content you offer to each of them, providing the maximum possible value for your community. After all, the audience does not want to know how well you do everything but how your product or service will improve their lives. Focus on this, and you will see your community grow.

Your entire social media strategy is focused on creating a community around your brand, and you must take care of it to make it grow, which will also make your business grow. In short, social networks are an excellent tool to take care of our customers and potential customers throughout the sales funnel, from the top of the funnel to the end. 

You must create the most appropriate strategy and plan the distribution of the content that covers each and every phase. In addition, it is an excellent ally for customer service and an impressive source of content to inspire you.

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Jorge Zuñiga B