Jorge Zuñiga Blanco explains how technology is making eCommerce communication better

Technology has had many positive effects on business, but its impact on communication is perhaps the most significant. Technology has had the greatest impact on communication, with email, instant and SMS messages, and social networking platforms. Technology has had a positive impact on business communication, but it also has made the process more confusing and distracting. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, an entrepreneur and business expert from Costa Rica, discusses the details of how technology has disrupted communication and how we can be more aware of some of its problems.

Successful business owners rely heavily upon international communication to run their operations. As technology changes, it is making life easier and increasing efficiency, but it can also cause problems that could slow down operations.

Zuñiga states, “Regardless of whether it is necessary to communicate with someone who is visiting another state or another country or if you need to contact your provider from another part of the world, technology allows instantaneous communication.” It is possible to communicate with anyone via email or text messages regardless of their location and time. This has allowed multinational companies to reach new heights and streamline processes that were previously slow due to waiting for the correct time zone to call.

Technology allows people to communicate and conduct business relationships even though they may never meet face to face. This means that anyone can associate with any organization, anywhere in the world, even if it is far away. Technology has allowed for the creation of the virtual assistant. This is an employee who completes tasks online for customers without ever meeting the employer.

Zuñiga says that technology has made instant communication possible, so you don’t have to spend hours organizing communications and waiting for replies. However, it has also made it more important to arrange purposeful correspondence periods. Organizations that allow telecommuting or virtual offices like mine need to plan how they will communicate with their employees. This is to maintain cohesion and ensure everyone is working towards the same goals. It is possible to forget to schedule meetings when communicating via different media, even for the most organized business leader.

Unintentionally listening to phone conversations can lead to employees spending too much time texting and emailing. Even tools that were intended to improve productivity could become distractions. Adds Zuñiga, “Constant communication can cause a loss in concentration and make it harder for employees to handle multiple tasks. It is sometimes better to disable all communication devices at work in order for employees to meet project deadlines.”

Software applications are a great option whenever possible. The smartphone or computer can do as much as you want. There are many apps available that can do almost any task, which can be very helpful for entrepreneurs who want to stay organized. Many of these apps, like Harvest, Trello, and Wunderlist, offer a variety of features that are beneficial for business owners.

Entrepreneurs want to manage all aspects of their business. However, this can lead to a fallacy and often prove counterproductive. Delegate tasks and responsibilities whenever possible. You might also consider outsourcing some company-related tasks. This can reduce workload and save money.

Technology has made it possible to improve communication and help businesses reach their goals more efficiently. However, it is important to be disciplined in all communications to keep the business focused. This requirement can be met by learning how to organize and manage a company’s communication policies.

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