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Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses the use of video marketing to improve sales

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Video has become the star format of Digital Marketing. More and more companies and brands are offering this type of content to improve their results, and this trend can be taken advantage of by your food and beverage business (stores, multistores, supermarkets, bars, and more) to make a leap in quality. You can also use video to sell more. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, a successful entrepreneur from Costa Rica, discusses why promoting a Video Marketing strategy to sell more will not require a large investment for your business, but will provide substantial returns.

For your customers or potential customers, video is a format that does not require a great effort to be consumed, it is very comfortable. Says Zuñiga, “With the simple action of pressing the ‘play’ button it is possible to view and assimilate a content in less time, understand it better and share it with other people. For a food and beverage business, for example, the video shows a more real perception of your company and your products, improving trust and empathy with your target audience as a key to developing a loyalty relationship. In short, the goal is to develop a Video Marketing strategy to sell more, but above all to sell better.”

There’s data that demonstrates the triumph of video as the most successful format and why it offers great opportunities to boost your business more. 92% of mobile device users share videos with others. The average internet user uses 88% more time on a website containing video. When digital advertising includes video, the click-through rate shoots up by 200% – 300%. 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Video now accounts for over 74% of all Internet traffic.

A Video Marketing strategy does not have to have a large budget or require the realization of blockbusters, but as its name suggests, a strategy requires time, dedication and, above all, desire. With this in mind, you can develop a Video Marketing strategy to sell more with a common recording equipment (a smartphone, an action camera or an SLR camera), a video editing software and an Internet connection, following a few key guidelines.

Sign up for YouTube and explore. Look for businesses similar to yours to know what they are talking about and detect your suppliers to collaborate with them and that they collaborate with you. Create a YouTube channel and customize it. Fill in as much information as possible, add images, create lists by categories of the products you sell in your business and share videos from other YouTube channels, such as your suppliers and brands.

Upload your own videos, classify them through your own lists and provide all the possible information of each file by filling in all the fields during the upload. Combine your Video Marketing strategy between YouTube and other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These social networks have different audiences and audiences that can add more views from different people to your own video content or the content you share. Then, analyze, from time to time, the results of each video and compare them with the evolution of the sales of your business and the visits to your establishment. Make better decisions and continue to grow.

With these five keys, it only remains to generate your own quality content for the audience of your food and beverage business. Adds Zuñiga, “The best thing about Video Marketing, and Digital Marketing in general, is that it has no great restrictions and gives us the freedom to experiment, make mistakes, learn and evolve without limits.”