Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses the importance of social media marketing for SMEs

Today, social media is the main tool of communication between the customer and the brand. Any consumer has a speaker to communicate with any major company and with much of the rest of its customers by using this route. To properly manage this brand-customer relationship, companies launch a strategy whose main objective is to increase their level of commercial engagement. This could be defined as the power of attraction that the firm exerts on consumers, hence the importance of a good social strategy, developed in parallel with the main marketing actions developed by the company. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, an entrepreneur and eCommerce expert from Costa Rica, offers valuable insight into the importance of a well-designed social media marketing plan.

There are social media marketing actions that could fall within the Customer Service branch, whose development of the right way contributes significantly to achieving an overall positive view of the brand within society, in addition to keeping the customer satisfied once the product is purchased, in search of achieving their loyalty. Within this quest to achieve a positive social vision, we also find another type of processes, with a more advertising character, focused on making a brand image. Creative posts that respond to the interests of a particular campaign would enter this group.

However, it is very difficult to increase the level of engagement without satisfied customers. Hence, the existence of other types of actions such as special promotions developed exclusively through social networks dedicated to their customers, aimed at maintaining their post-purchase satisfaction. It’s also important not to forget what the main objective is pursued by the company within a digital marketing strategy, sell. Social media has, in recent years, become a strong selling tool for many companies, becoming even the main way to sell for some of them.

What started mainly as a tool dedicated to improving the brand image and attracting new customers has ended up becoming a direct selling instrument thanks to its correct development. Says Zuñiga, “Some companies have found on social media the perfect framework to develop their promotional campaigns. Exclusive discounts for followers, promotions with gifts, sweepstakes and contests. There are many ways chosen to encourage direct purchase by the company’s followers and its correct combination has ended up turning social media into productive sales instruments for many companies.”

This has led, in recent years, to the creation of the position of community manager, a professional profile that, while growing in importance, has done so in complexity. Now community managers are not only social profile managers that contribute to the creation of the company’s image, but they are also commercial in charge of the final sale of the product.

No matter what industry your business or business is in, if you’re interested in positioning your brand on the Internet through digital marketing, and on social media, then you have to understand the importance of creating content. Asserts Zuñiga, “Creating the right content is the most important asset of the marketing media. It is the cornerstone that will give you direct access to building an audience that will then become your customers. If you follow this premise, you will not have to constantly invest in other sales channels or pay for advertising, in a considerable or excessive way, every time you want to reach your customers.”

If we think of a magazine or publication, it provides practical information on a particular topic that even makes you want to share or recommend Why do you think it gives away so much valuable content? They do it to build a loyal subscriber base; they want to build a media asset so that people want to read them back, every day, every week, or every month. That’s where you need to pay attention to your digital media strategy. The content is able to get economic benefits from that attention. That’s why so many companies spend billions on advertising every year; they’re paying for your attention.

The same mechanism works for online positioning, only much cheaper than paying for advertising in various media, on a constant basis. That’s why content is an essential component of inbound marketing that, combined with a social media strategy, delivers better results in less time. Content creation is essential for any industry, but not just any content. It should be exceptional to attract the attention of the target audience, and keep them interested.

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Jorge Zuñiga B