Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses strategies for marketing to the female demographic

If your target audience is female, you are already on the right track to success. The US’s female consumers have a buying power of $5 to $15 trillion per year and more than 60% of the country’s wealth. Many brands recognize that female customers make up the majority of their customer base. However, many marketing strategies are not effective or outdated. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco is a successful entrepreneur and long-time businessman from Costa Rica. He shares some tips on how to market to women.

Don’t stereotype when creating your marketing message. You should narrow down your marketing audience as much as you can and then devise plans that address the triggers and needs that are specific to that market. The messages and content that you create must always be targeted to the right audience.

It is “illegal” to associate pink with females in marketing. This is stereotypical and a major turnoff. Zuñiga explains, “50% of products that are viewed as ‘male’ products are bought by women. Marketers need to stop gendering product marketing and create messages that resonate with women. In many cases, the message is more important than the product when it comes to selling products.”

Marketing is about making sure it’s visible. This holds true even in the eCommerce world of today. Social media plays a major role in successful marketing campaigns. Marketing must be targeted where they are online. According to a recent survey of female millennials, 81% consider social media the best channel for marketing. About 50% of these cited Facebook as their preferred platform, while 78% viewed Pinterest as a viable option.

Statistics show that around 90% of women reinvest their income in their families and communities. However, only 30-40% of men reinvest their income. Businesses need to be good corporate citizens and actively engage in their communities. Zuñiga asserts, “A brand that partners with a local cause is more likely to appeal to women consumers.”

While entertaining and informative content will attract attention, it is not as effective as marketers might think. It must appeal to the target audience, be thought-provoking and intelligent. This will result in a greater level of interest from the female consumer and it is more likely that she will share it with her friends and family than content that is only informative or entertaining.

Modern females are smart and sophisticated. The target audience doesn’t have to be coddled and pandered. Brands must instead focus on the needs of their market and not just the fact it is a “female market.”

Brands must create content that educates and entertains but also appeals to the female audience. This will ensure that female consumers are more interested in your brand and more likely to purchase from you than the competition.

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Jorge Zuñiga B