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Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses how to overcome a poor sales streak

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Life is full of bad times or setbacks that make your work or your daily life a minefield, where every step you take, you encounter adverse situations or contrary to your plans. The business world does not escape from these daily lives either. It is common to see failures in each of the actions or plans we undertake. Sales and their downturns are one of the commercial fields where this situation is most evident. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, an entrepreneur and expert salesperson from Costa Rica, explains how to deal with poor sales streaks.

The constant movements of the market and various factors create opposite situations or environments that contract any movement that you want to carry out. Therefore, we must learn and overcome how to overcome a bad sales season without dying in the attempt.

To begin with, it is important that you know that the bad streaks do not exclusivity of your life. We all experienced a bad run of sales. It is not only salespeople who suffer the vicissitudes of these undesirable times. Each and every human being can suffer from them.

The problem with the bad streak is that they affect our self-esteem, our confidence, our emotional state in general. All this makes it very difficult to get back into our rhythm. And along the way, many sellers get lost.

It is common to ask ourselves a series of things or questions that judge our behavior and efforts as a salesperson. They call into question your faculties, not to allow this to affect our management and selfless work.

Before being a salesperson, you are a person, and like everyone in life, we have good or very good, regular and bad days. The important thing in all this is to know how to get the positive part of things. Zuñiga asserts, “Learn from the mistakes that lead you to these bad sales streaks and correct them as soon as possible. And above all, start managing your daily life correctly in your workplace to prevent your motivation from suffering.”

There are a number of strategies that are simpler than they seem. That they can help us to better focus on those bad days and also that these serve to make us a much more powerful seller. Decoupling your efforts from results is the key to success.

Commercial prospecting is basic in our daily work. It is the way to acquire a good sales network or commercial network and there are times when even. With perfect commercial prospecting on our part, sales are reduced. It is at those points where our mind plays tricks on us and doubts begin.

Where the great effort invested in a correct proportion does not give the expected results and your self-esteem plummets, remember that in the sale as in almost everything in life. There are factors outside of you that affect and that are beyond your control.

All sellers know how our beginnings were and how selling went into our veins. The adrenaline rush of the negotiations. Go back to that moment when you decided that you were born for this and that you are really good or good at your job.

Whatever type of salesperson you are, your job is stressful. That is why it is important that you know relaxation techniques that help you clear yourself. “Lower your level of anxiety or stress at times like these. Thanks to these techniques, you can lower those levels and begin to organize and plan yourself mentally in a more positive and fruitful way,” adds Zuñiga.

First of all, you have to keep moving. Keep your personal presentation. Keep up to date all the activities that will lead you to the sale. The negative trend we go through makes us stop. We feel more down that we avoid the no and no longer make calls or visits. You do the opposite. Keep moving.

Sometimes the bad sales streak is related to mental fatigue. Change your wrist, your watch. Do another hairstyle. Have breakfast differently (a meal or an unusual place), dance, take a new route to work, listen to your favorite music at high volume, etc. And again, go back to the ring, applying the first tip.

Do a restart to your sales work. Start as if you were new to sales. Don’t think that you used to close two out of four visits. Don’t think about your previous conversion statistics. Go for the next customer, and the next, and the next, like when you were new to sales.