Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses business analysis trends for 2019

The new business world is reliant on the digital movement. As experts who empower and oversee business change and offer solutions, business analysts should look toward innovative development as they think about the eventual fate of their occupations, and the general patterns for business analysis overall. Similarly, as the advanced space keeps on changing, business analysts can anticipate that their job should similarly adjust. Successful Costa Rica businessman Jorge Zuñiga Blanco shares some of what in store for business analysis trends this year.

The present business condition is rapidly progressing towards new-age advancements – any semblance of artificial intelligence (AI), distributed computing, and improvement and IT activities (also referred to as DevOps). These movements inside business tasks are being affected by bigger digital changes and there will be substantial growth in areas such as natural language processing, chatbots, connected clouds and similar technologies throughout this year. Explains Zuñiga, “Expect 2019 to bring a huge advance toward greater blockchain acceptance, more AI and continued integration of Internet of Things devices.”

The business condition is innovation-driven, and business analysts should comprehend and acquaint themselves with the most recent advancements in procedure and investigation. They will likewise need a firm handy handle on industry-related tech, so to unquestionably prompt their association on pertinent and appropriate arrangements – ones that adjust to the current technological guidelines.

Rising up out of the computerized age is the accentuation on information and the space it’s created, the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT worldwide market is set to ascend from its valuation of $157 billion in 2016 to about $457 billion by 2020. As the quantity of associated gadgets increase, so will the measure of information. Organizations that can get importance from the numbers, will profit by the market bits of knowledge.

Says Zuñiga, “Business analysts should adjust their aptitude to use big data tools for better business arrangements. This includes new-age system technology that can focus on data for business analysis.”

In addition to contemplating the organizational structure within a business, business analysts need to represent the business’ effect and commitment with its clients. User experience (UX) is progressively applicable in the technological and digital scene and new frameworks are always advancing and consistently changing the manners by which clients associate with a digital platform. Client fulfillment, commitment, and experience need committed thought and UX developers, like business analysts, interact with business needs to offer the best user solutions.

Already, business analysts concentrated on the center highlights of business. They had a profound understanding of business activities and standards inside their industry, and also had tools valuable for project management and communication. Today, there is an increased emphasis on broad skills sets, diverse industry understanding and a higher degree of technological acumen that are required to be successful in the evolving digital landscape.

“The professional development plan for business analysts relies upon their capacity to remain flexible during the digital disruption. The analysts must be able to enhance their skillset when faced with unexpected or complex obstacles and they must also have the sufficient technical skills to ensure well-rounded implementation of business operations,” asserts Zuñiga.
Business analysts have the chance to progress as innovation does. As the eventual fate of business is reliant on advanced movement, analysts should be distinctly mindful of the development and patterns. 2022 will see a huge increase in the demand for innovation, initiative, analysis and analytical thinking and emotional intelligence. These traits, when combined with technological practicality, will give the business analyst the opportunity to develop with innovation, instead of against it.

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