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Wednesday / May 08, 2019 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco on important accounting strategies to grow a business

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Bookkeeping is a significant business work businesses use to assemble, record and break down budgetary data. This data frequently gives crucial details with respect to business tasks and can often be used to design new systems for business development. Building up a development methodology fixated on money-related data may give entrepreneurs and administrators sensible objectives…

Tuesday / May 07, 2019 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco offers crucial sales and marketing tips for entrepreneurs

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

When marketing is done properly, it can mean huge gains for a business. However, when done incorrectly, the business might as well be throwing money into a fire. Since entrepreneurs must be whatever their independent company needs – constantly – it very well may be hard to ace every one of the subtleties that go…

Monday / Apr 22, 2019 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses business analysis trends for 2019

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

The new business world is reliant on the digital movement. As experts who empower and oversee business change and offer solutions, business analysts should look toward innovative development as they think about the eventual fate of their occupations, and the general patterns for business analysis overall. Similarly, as the advanced space keeps on changing, business…

Tuesday / Apr 02, 2019 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco on five innovations in civil engineering aimed at improving sustainability

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

For more than two centuries, the major production industries across the globe have fueled incredible economic wealth. However, this increase in wealth has also led to challenges, such as overcrowding and pollution. Civil engineers, such as Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, are now more important than ever to develop solutions to many critical issues, and Zuñiga explains…

Wednesday / Mar 27, 2019 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco on what to look for when hiring a civil engineer

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Civil engineers are typically used by clients that need someone to plan, manage and develop construction projects. They can provide consultation and assist with planning and designing projects, as well as oversee surveys and offer construction management services, regardless of whether it’s a private or a public development project. When deciding on the perfect civil…

Thursday / Mar 21, 2019 /

Six steps to an effective financial statement analysis from an accounting expert

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

For anyone dealing with business finances, it is imperative to realize how to successfully examine the financial statements of the company. In order to do this, it is necessary to understand three important areas – the structure of the statements, the financial qualities of the industry and the techniques employed to stand out from the…

Tuesday / Mar 12, 2019 /

15 business intelligence analysis tips from Jorge Zuñiga Blanco

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Decision-makers understand that business intelligence needs to be a top technology priority. It is because of this intelligence that they are able to create value and continue to build on actionable insights in order to consistently lead by delivering successful results. The business intelligence (BI) and information science sectors have dedicated the past several decades…