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Date Archives: February2022

Wednesday / Feb 23, 2022 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco explains how to maximize profits as a business starts growing

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Engaging with your daily tasks is easy. This is when businesses really get moving. It’s possible that what works today may not work tomorrow. It is important to adapt to the changing business environment and to stay ahead of new trends. For business leaders, this should be a daily routine. Next, look beyond the usual…

Thursday / Feb 17, 2022 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses KPIs and how to understand them in eCommerce

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

The truth is that on the KPIs (key performance indicators) for eCommerce, key indicators that tell you how you are doing things, there has already been a lot written. However, only in general terms and sometimes inaccessible for those in eCommerce. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, an entrepreneur and eCommerce expert from Costa Rica, explains KPIs for…

Friday / Feb 11, 2022 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses how to overcome a poor sales streak

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Life is full of bad times or setbacks that make your work or your daily life a minefield, where every step you take, you encounter adverse situations or contrary to your plans. The business world does not escape from these daily lives either. It is common to see failures in each of the actions or…

Sunday / Feb 06, 2022 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco offers proven sales and marketing strategies for startups

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Solid marketing can bring in huge profits for businesses if done correctly. However, if done poorly, the business risks throwing money into a fire. Business entrepreneurs need to be able to provide whatever support their organization requires, so it can be hard for them to be experts in every aspect of sales and marketing. This…