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Saturday / Jan 09, 2021 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses B2B eCommerce trends coming in 2021

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

As the most disruptive year in recent history comes to an end, it’s time to anticipate what’s coming. With the digitization of sales as an obligation, B2B eCommerce will continue without pause during 2021. Jorge Zuñiga Blanco, an entrepreneur and eCommerce specialist from Costa Rica, discusses the main emerging trends, so you know how to…

Friday / Jan 01, 2021 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco offers insight into better business leadership in 2021

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the digital revolution planned for the next five years. The unexpected emergence of information technology in every aspect of our lives has changed the paradigm of business management. The management and human resources departments of all companies are no exception, and new trends are emerging in the sector that remain…