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Date Archives: February2021

Sunday / Feb 21, 2021 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses the importance of networking to strengthen a business

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Networking is an effective tool for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to increase their profits and reduce costs arising from the operation, according to specialists in the field. This process, which generates and expands contacts through a network, allows not only to offer a product or service, but to receive assistance, information and complementary benefits…

Tuesday / Feb 16, 2021 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses the importance of the periodic employee review

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

The performance assessment of our employees is necessary, as it allows us to measure the achievement of the proposed objectives and give feedback to the worker on their behavior and performance. Evaluating an employee’s performance is a critical component for businesses because it helps implement strategies and fine-tune efficiency. The process encompasses the definition of…

Tuesday / Feb 09, 2021 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco provides strategies for improving public relations in a business setting

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

Public relations (PR) is the way brands handle the dissemination of their information, so it’s something similar to branding. The main difference is that PR focus on communication and reputation, while branding relies on visuals, logos, websites and other marketing materials. Brands manage their PR (or communication and reputation) through various media channels, and Jorge…

Friday / Feb 05, 2021 /

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco discusses employee trends expected to be seen this year

Jorge Zuñiga Blanco / Blog /

With the pandemic, there have been many very important changes in the workplace. Few occurrences in recent history have been as disruptive to the world of work as that which has been seen by the expansion of the coronavirus. However, businesses have been adapting and overcoming the obstacles that have been placed in the way…